Welcome to By Coya! 🥰

Hello there!

I'm Aiza 👋 designer, maker, administrator... basically the person behind everything at By Coya. I started making polymer clay earrings by hand, in small batches from my kitchen table. It was actually the love of food that inspired me to begin this journey - all collections are based around food! If you are a foodie like I am, then these pieces will be right up your alley too 😊

As a creative, I have been dabbling with many-a-hobby throughout my years... knitting, painting, macrame... and then stumbled across polymer clay. I was hooked. I was up til 3am, mixing and making slabs, cutting out shapes and putting them together like puzzle pieces. I joke with my friends that I became an accidental jewellery designer.

I don't consider myself fashion forward, or stylish, but making and wearing these earrings has given me confidence to express myself through how I look. And I hope they do the same for you!

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